Hello Again!

Hi Internet!

Sorry I’m still pretty rubbish at blogging regularly lately. I do however get on social media a lot. I’ve recently got back into Instagram and I have a Facebook page too.

I thought about recording a video today instead of writing up a post but that would require cleaning up the studio which looks more like a bomb site at the moment, so maybe another time.

Please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to blog about. I recently found out that one of my nephews could be aspie so my sister in law has been asking me questions. It’s been good to be a help in some way which I hope this blog is also as well as a creative outlet for me.




It’s All Happening!

So it seems I’m failing at blogging in 2016 so far. My apologies.

I had a good feeling about this year. I knew it would be a year of breakthrough and so far it has.

My life has recently got busier than it has in the last few years.

I still have my supermarket job. I’m one of only three night supervisors so I’m getting enough work there which is a nice change from when I was struggling to get enough work to cover bills and rent.

My husband is a vocal coach. Over the last couple of years we have been slowly building our singing teaching business from home. It was a bit of a struggle for a while but this year so far is hubby’s busiest. Hubby is a keen learner. As he has learned more about vocal technique, he has improved as a teacher and has gained more and more students. The busier he gets, the more admin work I get. I love it, it’s exciting. Plus I’m learning better ways to be more organised. Google calendar is the best!

On top of that I’ve also gained some paid songwriting work! I’m currently working on a theme song for an independent documentary.

So again I’m sorry I’ve been slack with blogging, but now you are aware of my excuses.

As always feel free to suggest topics for this blog. You can email me at artandaspergers@gmail.com, send me a facebook message or just leave a comment on the blog 🙂

Rock and/or roll,



“Weird Al” Vlog


On Saturday I saw “Weird Al” Yankovic at the Enmore Theatre in Newtown.

If this vlog seems a little random, check out my blog post from August 2014 My Latest Weird Obsession.

2015 was the best year for this blog. Thankyou for reading, sharing, liking and commenting. Watch the video for details on future posts.


The Aspie and The Sibling

Erica on Facebook asked me if I have siblings and how did I deal with sibling rivalry.


I am the oldest of two girls. My NT sister is almost 2 years younger than me.


My sister’s arrival into the world in August 1988 was a rude shock to me. It was a major change. Initially I didn’t cope with it all that well. But I have a feeling it is common for any eldest child to feel that way at first.


My mum tells me that I bossed my sister around a bit when we were little. I would tell her to go to sleep or to not touch my things. Sometimes this would involve me physically hitting her. I think that was due to me both being the oldest and aspie. I would try my best to control my sister’s behaviour because I wanted to be in control. My sister needed to fit in my box. Every now and then I would get frustrated and have a meltdown.


I’m on the left, my very cute sister is on the right. I can’t confirm nor deny whether those band-aids are a result of a sibling fight. Haha.

As we both grew older my sister would ignore my attempts to control her and I eventually gave up trying. I learned about empathy and how to respect others and their differences through my sister. She eventually became the bossy one. She developed quite an independence and assertiveness in her teenage years and eventually became taller than me. She would often roll her eyes at my fashion choices. We were different, but we usually got along pretty well. I would embarrass her sometimes though, just because I was (and still am) a bit of an oddball. I started to be mistaken for the younger sister, but I didn’t really mind.

I believe most people on the spectrum come to terms that it’s impossible to control other people’s actions eventually. Growing up with a sibling helps to learn that lesson faster. If your child struggles with this, don’t stress, just be patient life will teach them this lesson sooner or later.

We have a good relationship now as adults. We laugh hysterically at our own inside jokes like a lot of sisters do . In fact my aspergers is very rarely an issue. My sister often forgets I have aspergers. I’m just quirky Kate.


A much more recent pic. My sister on the left, I’m on the right.

With Christmas coming soon I hope you all have happy family catchups!



ARIA Awards

It’s been a very hot Thursday. I had my first beach swim for the summer. I came home to a hot house and my brain has been melting. So I wasn’t sure what I would do for a blog post today. Then I remembered that the ARIAs (Australian music awards show) were on tonight. So since a big part of my life is appreciation of music and creating it, I decided to blog my thoughts on the ARIA awards for 2015.


The show began with a performance by Vance Joy. Oh ok he’s an indie, hipster guy. He’s not bad, but not particularly interesting either. Great lyrics though! I don’t really understand why he’s so huge though.


Wow! I didn’t realise Tame Impala were so huge either. Their latest album was no 4 in the UK?! Where have I been?


So Conrad Sewell wins song of the year. I think Sia or Jarryd should of won that one, now that I remember who Jarryd James is.


OH MY GLOB 5SOS!!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzz


Ok I’m still in my 20s. When did I become a grandma? Oh well at least these guys play instruments unlike a certain british boy band that I won’t mention.


Tame Impala win best group. The Preatures should have won that one in my opinion.


Peking Duk perform next. Oh a song I recognise! Yay I’m not completely out of touch. Peking Duk have a nice blend of doof doof and live instrumentation. Not bad.


Best Pop Release was won by Jarryd James for Do You Remember. Yes that song is absolutely gorgeous! Yay this show maybe won’t be as painful as I thought.


Jarryd James performs next. My goodness it was a shame you couldn’t understand his lyrics because it’s a beautiful song. I’m not sure if it’s Jarryd’s vocals or the sound guy that’s the problem here. OPEN YOUR MOUTH MATE! I want to hear those gorgeous lyrics!! Aussie singers, they can mumble – me included.


Also he looked awkward on stage – reminded me of how I fear look when I perform to be honest.


Next was breakthrough artist. Courtney Barnett won. I have heard some of her stuff. I like that she doesn’t try to be perfect. She’s just herself. She seems laid back and cool.


Outstanding Achievement Award was won by Lee Kernighan. I’m not a country fan but I respect that he won an award based on a song he wrote about our service men in Gallipoli. Much respect to you sir. That is art being used well, not for fame but to tell an important story.  


Flight Facilities performed next. The guest vocalist has a cute voice. She has character, I like that.

Oh dear then they turned it into doof doof. Well they are DJs so what do I expect. But they did bring in the sax which does redeem the tune slightly.

The Veronicas won Best Video. It was a very cool video. Well done Matt Sharp and Julian McGruther. Nice work!


I’m sorry The Veronicas and Jessica Mauboy, Tina Arena is THE QUEEN! They can’t compare! The performance of Chains was amazing though.


Of course she is deserving of her induction into the Hall of Fame. Her speech was just perfect. I almost cried it was that good, and I don’t cry much.


Then there was more 5SOS zzzzzzzz.


Best Rock Album was won by Tame Impala again. Meh


Then a cheeky award was given to Ed Sheeran. He seems like a very fun and nice guy as well as a great artist. His performance was lovely. He is a great writer and performer.


Next was Best Dance Release. Who cares.Then one of those doof doof bands performed. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


This is the point I started to get restless and realise how out of touch I am with Aussie music, well the mainstream stuff at least anyway.


Best Female Artist was won by Courtney Barnett. She seems so sweet.


Best Male Artist was won by Vance Joy of course. Zzzzzzzzzz.


Best Live Act was won by 5SOS zzzzzzzzz.


Best International Artist was won by band that shall not be named. Moving on.


Conrad Sewell was the final performer of the night. He is huge apparently. He’s pretty good actually. I wonder if he writes his own songs.


Aaaaaaand Tame Impala won Album of the Year. Yeah I don’t get it. They’re not terrible but really?


Well there you go. There’s my thoughts on this year’s ARIAs that you didn’t ask for.


Thanks for your patience.





My chest is tight

My head is aching

I feel faint and frustrated

Yet I have no reason to be anxious

There is nothing to justify my stress

My body is well, yet it feels sick

Today is a fine day

Yet I feel the weight of worry

I take a deep breath

Yet I can’t relax

Why can’t I relax?

My offbeat emotions

Don’t follow the rules

My mind has tricked my body

This experience makes no sense

© Kate Kent 2015

Some Thoughts

You know what?! I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time!

It seems aspies more than NTs seem to need to be able to figure life out. They need to know, they need to understand. But the reality is, you’ll never completely understand and it’s ok.

The reality is you can have the perfect routine and life will happen and something will change. Change is inevitable, change is in fact necessary, no matter how much we kick and scream through it.

The thing about aspies is that we feel every bump in the road. We feel too much to the point that we shut down or shut out from our world. That is often how we deal with life’s change and pain.

As an adult I often just feel like I’m pretending to be a grown up. I’m just a child really.

This can be a good thing, a great thing. You know why?

Because children are great at learning. They are keen to learn. The trick to life is knowing that you don’t know it all and be open to learning.

Now for most aspies (and humans in general really) that just means taking life a day at a time. Just make small steps towards a goal. Just DON’T STOP!! You have to keep moving, it can be slow – that’s ok, just keep moving.

If life is overwhelming and a meltdown is imminent that’s totally ok. Just don’t beat yourself up about it. You’re different, you’re great, you’re valued and have something of value to give to people.

In saying that though I try to not use my meltdowns as an excuse to be a jerk. Meltdowns are nasty things and I think the adult me takes responsibility from them. I’m not seperate from my meltdowns, I will own them and should apologise when necessary, and explain if I have to, out of respect for others.

So I guess that is where my childhood ends and my adulthood begins. I grow up when I accept responsibility and not use Aspergers as an excuse for being a nasty person. I remember I’m not an island, I have a community around me and wonderful people around me to do life with.    

So there are some thoughts.

Have a great week!


Grey and Beige Life

Beige walls and bright lights

Machines do all the work

Yet I grow weary of all the changes

My feet are swollen and ache

Crowds fumble in confusion

Our old habits die hard

Grey signs and arrows

Lead us to hope

What feels like a thousand keys

Jingle in my pocket

To lock all the never ending locks

To secure the things that kill us

Another day, another dollar

Yet progress cannot be ignored

A shift out of the old routine

Is vivid colour to the grey and beige life

© Kate Kent 2015

Dubbo Vlog

Hello internet!

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately. Two weeks ago my sister came to visit me and last week I was in Dubbo so I didn’t get a chance to put up new posts.

I did however vlog my time in Dubbo last week. I got to catch up with family and go to my 10 year school reunion which I really enjoyed. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many of my school mates are now doing what they love which makes me happy. I was reminded of how blessed I was to be part of such a quirky, fun group in school.

I’m back to my normal blogging schedule next week.



The World I Choose

It’s cold and windy outside

I guess that excuse will do

For me to stay inside

And be in the world I choose

I put on my favourite track pants

Cover my dirty hair with a beanie

It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing

No one cool can see me

I waste my life watching Youtube

Observing the life of a stranger

I’m swept up in another life

My outlook on reality is in danger

I put on a podcast

While I cook dinner

So I can have the illusion I’m entertaining friends

In this life I’m surely a winner

© Kate Kent 2015