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It’s All Happening!

So it seems I’m failing at blogging in 2016 so far. My apologies.

I had a good feeling about this year. I knew it would be a year of breakthrough and so far it has.

My life has recently got busier than it has in the last few years.

I still have my supermarket job. I’m one of only three night supervisors so I’m getting enough work there which is a nice change from when I was struggling to get enough work to cover bills and rent.

My husband is a vocal coach. Over the last couple of years we have been slowly building our singing teaching business from home. It was a bit of a struggle for a while but this year so far is hubby’s busiest. Hubby is a keen learner. As he has learned more about vocal technique, he has improved as a teacher and has gained more and more students. The busier he gets, the more admin work I get. I love it, it’s exciting. Plus I’m learning better ways to be more organised. Google calendar is the best!

On top of that I’ve also gained some paid songwriting work! I’m currently working on a theme song for an independent documentary.

So again I’m sorry I’ve been slack with blogging, but now you are aware of my excuses.

As always feel free to suggest topics for this blog. You can email me at, send me a facebook message or just leave a comment on the blog 🙂

Rock and/or roll,



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