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My Latest “Weird” Obsession

So a couple of weeks ago if you used the internet at all you probably noticed “Weird” Al Yankovic was everywhere with his 8 videos in 8 days promos and the release of his latest album ‘Mandatory Fun’.

I’ve noticed over this time that I’ve developed an obsession with Mr Yankovic googling videos, photos, interviews. I’ve become fascinated by his creativity and the person behind the persona.

It is common for people with Aspergers to have an obsession with a single topic. Usually though this obsession lasts years and is basically the individual’s only interest.

This has never really been the case for me though. I definitely get obsessed but the topic changes and usually lasts no longer than a couple of months. My obsession with The Weird One is the latest.

I have been a fan of Weird Al for about a decade or so but this is the first time I’ve become obsessed. I think the reason is now that I write songs myself I can appreciate his craft even more than before. I first found him funny, now I’ve noticed he’s incredibly smart and talented too. I’ve become fascinated by how he made a career for himself and didn’t fit inside the box. He made his own box.

I have had obsessions like this before and as I have grown older I’ve learned to recognize them more. I try to censor myself when talking to people and try not to linger on the subject too long. I wonder though if that’s a normal aspie thing. Do most aspies recognize when they’re being obsessive? I suspect not.

When I was a child I wasn’t aware of my obsessive behavior but I remember picking up on signs that family members where getting bored with me. The slight eye rolling, not paying full attention. I must have picked up on these things over time but it took a while.

It’s funny though. I honestly think I wouldn’t go all fan girly if I were to meet Al Yankovic today. I think I would have a great chat about song writing and such though. I guess that’s another sign that I’m going through a phase rather than being a celebrity stalker type. Besides I’m way too lazy to get to that level of celebrity obsession.

Anyway, I guess it’s been a while since I’ve had such an obsession. I think the last one may have been Adventure Time. I’m still a fan of the cartoon but I’m not obsessing over it like I was.

Does yourself, your friend or loved one have an obsession? Is it the same constant one or have their been multiple obsessions? Please discuss in the comments.

Happy (and healthy) obsessing


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