About Art and Aspergers

When I first set up this blog in 2011 I set out to write about my experiences with Aspergers as a way to encourage other aspies on their journey.

I still want to help and encourage other aspies with this blog. But now that I post on a weekly basis I hope for it to become more than that.

The title is ‘Art and Aspergers’. This blog is just as much about creativity as it is about Aspergers. My posts can range from talking about meltdowns to posting videos of me dancing around in a unicorn onesie. This is because so much of my therapy has been creativity.

Also some weeks are pretty boring to be honest and my Aspergers isn’t always showing. This is because I’m growing, I’m changing and I’ve overcome a lot and you can overcome too.

Yes this blog is about Aspergers but it is also about art. If you are after a blog that is essentially about Aspergers or Autism Spectrum this isn’t the blog for you. There are literally hundreds of other blogs where you will find what you’re looking for.

In saying that I’m still on the journey of breaking the glass.


5 responses to “About Art and Aspergers

  1. ravenstag


    I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award http://goo.gl/7ephA1

    I don’t know if you’re into such things (it’s OK, if you’re not). Just so you know: by this I mainly wanted to express that I really like to read your blog (I’m also simply curious about 7 facts about you).

    Thank you for your writing and videos on YT.
    Best wishes.

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