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ARIA Awards

It’s been a very hot Thursday. I had my first beach swim for the summer. I came home to a hot house and my brain has been melting. So I wasn’t sure what I would do for a blog post today. Then I remembered that the ARIAs (Australian music awards show) were on tonight. So since a big part of my life is appreciation of music and creating it, I decided to blog my thoughts on the ARIA awards for 2015.


The show began with a performance by Vance Joy. Oh ok he’s an indie, hipster guy. He’s not bad, but not particularly interesting either. Great lyrics though! I don’t really understand why he’s so huge though.


Wow! I didn’t realise Tame Impala were so huge either. Their latest album was no 4 in the UK?! Where have I been?


So Conrad Sewell wins song of the year. I think Sia or Jarryd should of won that one, now that I remember who Jarryd James is.


OH MY GLOB 5SOS!!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzz


Ok I’m still in my 20s. When did I become a grandma? Oh well at least these guys play instruments unlike a certain british boy band that I won’t mention.


Tame Impala win best group. The Preatures should have won that one in my opinion.


Peking Duk perform next. Oh a song I recognise! Yay I’m not completely out of touch. Peking Duk have a nice blend of doof doof and live instrumentation. Not bad.


Best Pop Release was won by Jarryd James for Do You Remember. Yes that song is absolutely gorgeous! Yay this show maybe won’t be as painful as I thought.


Jarryd James performs next. My goodness it was a shame you couldn’t understand his lyrics because it’s a beautiful song. I’m not sure if it’s Jarryd’s vocals or the sound guy that’s the problem here. OPEN YOUR MOUTH MATE! I want to hear those gorgeous lyrics!! Aussie singers, they can mumble – me included.


Also he looked awkward on stage – reminded me of how I fear look when I perform to be honest.


Next was breakthrough artist. Courtney Barnett won. I have heard some of her stuff. I like that she doesn’t try to be perfect. She’s just herself. She seems laid back and cool.


Outstanding Achievement Award was won by Lee Kernighan. I’m not a country fan but I respect that he won an award based on a song he wrote about our service men in Gallipoli. Much respect to you sir. That is art being used well, not for fame but to tell an important story.  


Flight Facilities performed next. The guest vocalist has a cute voice. She has character, I like that.

Oh dear then they turned it into doof doof. Well they are DJs so what do I expect. But they did bring in the sax which does redeem the tune slightly.

The Veronicas won Best Video. It was a very cool video. Well done Matt Sharp and Julian McGruther. Nice work!


I’m sorry The Veronicas and Jessica Mauboy, Tina Arena is THE QUEEN! They can’t compare! The performance of Chains was amazing though.


Of course she is deserving of her induction into the Hall of Fame. Her speech was just perfect. I almost cried it was that good, and I don’t cry much.


Then there was more 5SOS zzzzzzzz.


Best Rock Album was won by Tame Impala again. Meh


Then a cheeky award was given to Ed Sheeran. He seems like a very fun and nice guy as well as a great artist. His performance was lovely. He is a great writer and performer.


Next was Best Dance Release. Who cares.Then one of those doof doof bands performed. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


This is the point I started to get restless and realise how out of touch I am with Aussie music, well the mainstream stuff at least anyway.


Best Female Artist was won by Courtney Barnett. She seems so sweet.


Best Male Artist was won by Vance Joy of course. Zzzzzzzzzz.


Best Live Act was won by 5SOS zzzzzzzzz.


Best International Artist was won by band that shall not be named. Moving on.


Conrad Sewell was the final performer of the night. He is huge apparently. He’s pretty good actually. I wonder if he writes his own songs.


Aaaaaaand Tame Impala won Album of the Year. Yeah I don’t get it. They’re not terrible but really?


Well there you go. There’s my thoughts on this year’s ARIAs that you didn’t ask for.


Thanks for your patience.




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