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Making an Impact

The lovely Erica left this comment on my ‘A Bit of Background’ post recently.

‘I want to thank you so much for creating your blog, Facebook page, YouTube page, and everything else to allow us to see what an aspie child can become as an adult.

My daughter IS YOU. She is 7 and she plays with strings, blades of grass, paper scraps exactly how you did as a child. Everything you describe about your childhood is her life now. She dreams to be an author, illustrator, a pediatrician, and an equestrian. She is academically ahead of her class (she can read at a 5th grade level, but she is entering 2nd grade this fall). She wants to get married and have a family.

Reading about you and watching you gives me and my husband so much hope that she can live a normal life, where the label is not her barrier to her hopes and dreams. Thank you so much for giving us hope. I showed her your YouTube video and she smiled and was happy someone enjoyed paper and grass as much as she does. And she was so happy to learn about using a pencil for her stimming and anxiety needs while in class (although it is still dangerous and a chance she may fling it across the room…but we will figure something out). I look forward to following you with the hopes of you leaving a trail as to how to help our child adjust to the world.’

I’m blown away that my little blog is making such an impact and that the young girl can relate so closely to my experience. This is exactly what I started this blog for. I want to encourage parents of aspie kids and show them the positives of Aspergers and that it IS possible to overcome many of the limitations.’  

Also PEOPLE ARE WATCHING MY VIDEOS!! It hasn’t been a complete waste of time and energy. Yay!

I sent Erica a private message but I also wanted to publicly thank her for telling her story. Yes the pencil thing can be dangerous – I still fling the odd pencil across the room but I haven’t hit myself or anyone else (yet haha). Thankyou for reminding me of why I do this. God bless you and your family.

I’m glad I didn’t quit, not too long ago I almost did.

Thankyou to everyone who reads this blog. Keep being amazing and go and make an impact in your own way.

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