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Friends and City Adventuring

Yesterday I ventured to the city to catch up with a couple of friends from highschool. We met up at Central Park, had lunch and conversation.


The conversation quickly turned to politics and religion. Two topics that can quickly turn a conversation into a full blown debate or argument. It didn’t this time around because the person who most disagreed with the points made was me, and I tend to try to keep peace rather than argue – except on social networks and this blog where I can type up my thoughts and think up a point of view that is hopefully less emotion based. This is much harder to do in conversations.


My friends know me well enough to know I didn’t agree on some things and were respectful of that. This is what I love about great friendships. You don’t have to agree on everything to be good friends. Listening to others viewpoints is a way to learn about the world. I don’t have to agree to find understanding.


Plus I appreciate that ten years after highschool we can go way beyond small talk and get to the meat. It’s confronting and frustrating at times but gee it’s great.


Travelling from the ‘insular peninsula’ to the city there is a change from affluent suburbia to a mish mash of art and culture. It is often a little stressful for my aspie self dealing with crowds and noise but it gets easier the more I make the trip. Plus the Vivid festival is on at the moment so there are great light displays around the city to see which is always fun. Seeing these forms of art inspire me in my own art form.


Central Park. A great spot to sit and write.

I also got a little tour of my friend’s recording studio which was great. I get joy seeing a friend in their element. I’m reminded that I’m not alone in the pursuit of creativity and breaking away from the ‘real job’ mentality.

Yay life,


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