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Fifty Songs in Twelve Weeks Update

So I was doing pretty well with the fifty songs in twelve weeks challenge for the first couple of weeks but I’m way behind schedule now. But who cares, I’ve been writing more and that’s the main thing. Here are a couple of lyric ideas that are not completely terrible.


Song 7

Whizzing past me, not looking where you’re going

Throwing your skateboard around like it’s nothing

All your energy and noise rubs me the wrong way


That kid in the back of the bus with his music up too loud

I’m one seat back from the front of the bus

Rolling my eyes wearing black and beige


When did I get so old?

Since when did the rain become ideal weather?

When did I get so old?

So bitter, such a party pooper


I’m getting older, but do I need that chip on my shoulder?

I’m growing wiser, but do I need to be so cynical?

© Kate Kent 2015

Song 13

(Writing these lyrics I challenged myself to not repeat any words. It was harder than I thought it would be.)


Speaking soaring silence

Captivated by the light

Motionless fiery body

Watch it all ignite


Bottomless empty void

Forms a crystal clear vision

Cradled heart kept safe

From fear of devotion


Sinking ship, icy depths

Make your way down to me

Broken dreams, vivid nightmares

Is this what you see?

© Kate Kent 2015

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