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50 Songs in 12 Weeks

A couple of days ago my husband was listening to a songwriting/recording podcast. A challenge was suggested on this podcast. The challenge is to write 50 songs in 12 weeks.


I decided I would take part in such a challenge so for the next 12 weeks I’ll be doing lots and lots of songwriting.


I’m likely to post the lyrics that I’m happy with on my blog. I’m not expecting all my lyrics to be gold. I’ll be happy to get 10 to 12 good songs out of the 50.


So far I’ve written 2 songs. I’m actually pretty happy with both so far. It will be interesting to see what will come out of my brain when I have to write whether I feel like it or not.


This first song is meant to be a little fun – not super serious.


Song 1 Meltdown – lyrics excerpt


My head is foggy and my body aches

I feel like everything is spinning into outer space

I’m seeing stars and flames of fire

Now punching inanimate objects is my only desire


Don’t mind me I’m just having a meltdown

Please don’t mind me at all

Yes I’m well aware That I’m acting like a two year old

Don’t mind me I’m just having a meltdown


Right on cue you try to help me

But why can’t you just let me be

I just need to be on my own, have my own space

I will find my way to my happy place

© Kate Kent 2015

Song 2 – April Fool


Take a bow, beautiful stranger

You’ve done your part to grow my anger

But now I’m confused, how did it go too far?


Every day is April Fools Day to me

Stupidity comes all too naturally

It’s hard to take me seriously

When I fall over my own feet


You must think you are so superior

You must expect me to beg on my knees

But I won’t give you that satisfaction


Your deception is my folly

I will grow a discerning heart

So your pain will no longer reach me

© Kate Kent 2015

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