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The Journey of the Introvert

I’m sitting at my desk waiting for the next student to walk through the door. I’m in welcoming/secretary mode.


It’s hard to think that 10 to 15 years ago I was queen of the introverts spending hours in my room away from everyone. The only way I could tolerate humans was to hide away from them for hours every day. I spent the majority of my weekends at home in my room unless mum dragged me out to go shopping (which I usually didn’t mind – although I remember throwing a whopper meltdown once while buying swimwear. Poor mum.) Or there was a social event on that I was invited to. I was able to enjoy those events as long as I had adequate alone time.


I grew up in a house that always had people over. My mum is a very social person so she was happy to have people over, sometimes last minute. My way of coping with that was to hide away when I needed to. It helped that my bedroom was at one end of the house. The lounge room where everyone gathered was at the other. Finding my own space was easy.


Fast forward a few years. I’ve moved to study, had to board with a family three different times (that was a test). Fell in love, got married and moved again to a tiny unit.


This tiny unit that my husband and I live in has at least one student come over for a singing lesson most days of the week.


For the first year or so I would hide away in my room during lessons and watch TV on a low volume. Or I would go for a walk. But as time went on and hubby got busier with students I realised I needed to step up and be more supportive. Plus being cooped up in a room for an hour or so is pretty lame.


My husband is not a fan of admin work so I now do data entry for payments, student charts, edit the website, social media and sending welcome letters to new students.


So a few months ago we set up a desk in our kitchen. It’s the first room you see when you walk into our place. I have it all set up for admin things and I now welcome the students. I actually quite enjoy it. It keeps me doing something constructive without hiding away.


My years working in retail I think has helped in this area too. I have got used to dealing with people, noise, chaos and rudeness. It still is challenging some days but I can deal with people a lot easier now because of my almost 8 years experience in a work environment I thought I would never work in. My skin is thicker that’s for sure. Especially now that I have a supervisor role.


It’s fun to walk down memory lane sometimes to see how far you’ve come.


Be blessed my friends,



One response to “The Journey of the Introvert

  1. ravenstag

    Working in retail is such a survival training. I have just a year of experience but it was quite useful to me. Despite being also quite horrible at times, of course.

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