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Vlog Fail!

Ok so my dreams of becoming the Aspie Jenna Marbles (without the swearing but with as much makeup) crashed today.


I spent yesterday filming my day for a vlog. I did it as a way to celebrate my Art and Aspergers Facebook page cracking 200 likes.


But I dismally failed.


I did a test filming with the ipad to make sure I didn’t record upside down. The first and last video for the day were fine but for some reason the rest were upside down. But that’s fixable in the editing process so oh well.


But I also discovered that the editing software doesn’t recognise .mov files so I would have to convert them to avi files. All the free converters just looked dodgy to me and all seemed to have bad reviews so I was all – nope!


So sad Kate is sad. But I’ve learned a few things for next time.


Thankyou to those who have liked the Facebook page. Please continue to spread the word. You guys are great. Feel free to comment ideas for future blogs. I’ll keep writing weekly and I still plan to do videos every now and then. I think I’ll continue doing sit down videos with my webcam. Those videos are much easier for me to edit plus I doubt there’s a demand for me to do the ‘record my day’ type vlogs. But if I’m wrong let me know and I’ll try it again.


So in celebration of cracking 200 likes on FB and my vlog fail, please enjoy this video of my feet.


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