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Thank God for a Beach Day!

Since living on the beaches I’ve developed an appreciation for the beach.


As a kid I would go on family holidays to the beach and I enjoyed it but as a teen I was less enthusiastic. I also spent my teen years living in an area away from the coast so I never really got used to the beach. I was also (and still am) super pale so I guess I was self conscious around all the tanned and trim bodies.


Now though I’ve found the beach to be a spiritual place. I often feel prompted to pray when I’m on the beach. For a christian I don’t pray that much (this is on the self improvement list) but I find I’m drawn to prayer when I’m at the beach.


Hearing the crash of the waves and smelling the sea air is one of the rare things that calms me down. Once I’m relaxed I get reflective, reflection leads to thankfulness which leads to prayer.


The beach reminds me of how good my life is. Sure there are battles and struggles but there is always the beach. There is always a peaceful place to go to. There is a place where anxiety has no choice but to bugger off.


This morning I sat on a rock and let the waves crash over my legs and torso. It was like nature’s spa bath. As I sat there I got to thinking about the year ahead. I’ve been struggling with working out my own personal goals for the year. I’ve been putting all my dreams in the too hard basket instead of remembering my successes. Last year a song I wrote got radio airplay. That’s pretty darn cool. I need to remember that.


As you are working on your goals for the year ahead remember what successes you’ve had. Don’t focus on your failures. Learn from them but don’t focus on them. If you can get to a beach on a regular basis I highly recommend it.


Happy beaching


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