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Happy New Year!

It’s a hot New Years Day here in Sydney Australia. My husband has decided he wants to do a big clean out of our recording studio/teaching space/office. I of course am helping him out. Although I don’t feel like I’m much help today.


The heat is getting to me. We only have fans to cool us down. I’ve already stubbed my toe which has lead to a ridiculous overreaction. But I will soldier on! (not overly dramatic at all)


It’s always fun finding random documents and receipts that should have been filed somewhere months ago (sarcasm!). I both love and hate filing. I both love and hate organising in general. My husband and I are both similar in this way. We are not the tidiest people but when we have our head in the game we will snap into gear and get organised. We have to with hubby working from home.


It always seems to be the way though,, that only one of us in in an organising/cleaning mood at a time. Today it’s not me.


Yet as I listen to the hum of the vacuum cleaner I do feel a sense of expectation that this year will be a leap forward for us. New singing students will walk through our doors keen to learn and practice. Check out our new website that I’ve spent the last month or so setting up I’m proud of how good it looks now. I may or may not have yelled at the computer (and my husband) a little in the process.


Also my blog will be more active this year. I’m planning to post once a week. I’ll most likely post on wednesdays or thursdays. Sometimes I’ll vlog rather than blog. So look out for that.


Happy New Year!


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