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Like A Child

In 2009 when I was studying at C3 college I wrote a song that is not exclusively about my experience with Aspergers but does talk about an aspect of it.

Verse 1

Wind in my hair

Mud on my clothes

I’m like a child

Run to my home

Scream for attention

I’m like a child



Find me, teach me

Why can’t I just be strong enough to stand

Play with me believe me

Why can’t I just be everybody’s friend


Verse 2

Despair when I’m lonely

Need a hand to hold

I’m like a child

I forget my inhibitions

I laugh in the silence

I’m like a child



With You I’m strong enough

With You I’m strong enough, strong enough


Chorus 2

You found me, You’re teaching me

With You I am strong enough to stand

You walk with me, believe in me

You are my dearest friend


© Kate Kent 2009

I recently released my debut EP. The song ‘Like A Child’ is the last track on the EP. You can listen to it in full at . Image

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