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Voices are echoes, bodies are blurs. I am awake to myself, but asleep to the world. I sit here comfortably behind my invisible wall. I am here but I am not truly present.

Ask how I am and I will answer correctly. I have learned the routine. I will speak well with a smile while I whisper discontented.

For where I truly am is within myself. It is easy to fall back to where I am comfortable. I can pull myself out if I must.

Sometimes my presence is felt with a mighty loud frustrated expression that seems to relieve me of control. Can you help me?

It is easy to be far away, to be enclosed in memory, daydreams and desires. I may feel alone sometimes, but I am not the only shadow dweller. For there are many of us behind invisible walls, some of us wear labels, others label themselves.

Either way we are here, even if not truly present.

© Kate Kent 2012

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