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White Coat Syndrome

Tonight I have a blood pressure machine strapped to me as I type up this post. I have been going to the doctor every 3 months for about a year to get a proscription for the contraceptive pill (Luke and I are not ready for babies!). Every visit I have to have my blood pressure checked. Aside from one time the reading has been a bit on the high side so the doctor out of caution will only prescribe me the pill without repeats. At my latest visit I told my doctor that it’s likely that I could just be anxious when I’m at the doctors. I find I get anxious whenever I’m in a place I don’t feel 100% comfortable in.

So to test this theory I have a blood pressure machine strapped to me for 24 hours. So far it’s looking like my theory was correct. My readings seem to be pretty normal while I’m at home doing my thing. This experience has been a good reminder for me though that I still need to work on ways to calm down. I find that once I’m feeling anxious it’s really hard to just take a deep breathe and calm down. It’s not that easy. Usually the only way is to physically leave the place that’s making me anxious. This isn’t always easy either – like at a doctors surgery.

This is another area I’m still working on. Feel free to comment with some ideas to relieve anxiety that have worked for you.

Just chill man 😛

K xx

2 responses to “White Coat Syndrome

  1. LAna ⋅

    If your BP is high at the Doc’s, that is a common thing, Kate. It is called White Coat BP.

    • Yes that is exactly what I had, white coat BP. The doc printed out the results from the 24 hour machine as proof so next time I get my BP checked I can bring that with me so they know it’s usually normal.

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